Baa Ram Ewe

Last weekend was the annual Black Sheep Gathering – a fiber festival at the Lane County Fairgrounds in Eugene. I rode my bike over there – lucky me – some people come from far and wide and camp out in the field behind the fairgrounds. I could tell when I was getting close… and after awhile I just had to follow my nose. Sheep are cute, but they smell.

BlackSheep1 BlackSheep2

Look at the horns on that guy! I ran across my friend S from the Monday night knitting group and we strolled around admiring the sheep. There were big white sheep…


And little black sheep…


And, when I went back on Sunday, I got to watch a sheep get sheared. She was big and looked funny sitting there on her bum.

BlackSheep5 BlackSheep6

Besides all the critters, there was a huge market with all kinds of fiber-arts related goodies: spinning wheels and drum carders, buttons and shawl pins, knitting bags and handknit garments, roving for spinning and lots and lots and lots of YARN. Some knitters in my group had been planning for months about what they were going to buy at Black Sheep. But I was totally overwhelmed, there was no way for me to evaluate and choose something for a purpose or with intention. But, I did end up at the Blue Moon booth and buy some Socks That Rock. I’d heard and seen a lot of good about the yarn and it was easy to find 2 color schemes that I liked. Mmmm, pretty soft yarn. Very nice.


Later on Sunday I went to hang out with another knitting friend, M. She was spinning with her mom out in front of their house. When I got there she offered to give me a spinning lesson on one of their several extra wheels. (They are quite the fiber family.) So I learned how to spin! The concept is easy but I can see how it must take a lot of practice to get consistent yarn. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture. But I felt like that was a fitting conclusion to a fiber-arts themed weekend.

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  1. MaryAnne says:

    Oooohhhh fun! Wish I could have been there!

  2. Hannah says:

    Thats neat! The sheep does look funny :). So did you buy yarn to make socks? Or buy socks? Because your pic showed yarn.

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